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"The level of physical training is amazing, these athlete's learn how to not only become physically stronger, but mentally and emotionally stronger as well. The nutritional component is exceptional and a key success to these athletes. My son is excelling not only in developing physical strengths, but soaring in self-confidence which has translated in his academic performance as well. My son who has never like school and has struggled in elementary school since grade 6, has become the student who loves to be at school and looks forward to his time in the gym training and learning in class. This program has had such a positive influence on my son unlike any other high school program currently in existence....truly an amazing opportunity for young elite athletes."

"The PJ SOAR program has exceeded our expectations! The guest speakers, athletic training and state of the art facility have been absolutely amazing to name just a few things. Mr. MacDonald is a mentor that is approachable, knowledgeable and motivated to keep these kids focused and successful meeting their goals!"

​"The SOAR teachers and staff want the best for their students. I've noticed an improvement in my sons abilities in his sports. He has a great outlook and is enjoying the whole grade nine experience. I consider us lucky to be a part of this great program."

"Student is learning a great deal being a part of the program with both the athletics and nutrition. Would very much recommend it for a motivated student."

"This is an exceptional program! The success of which will be easily determined by the students who are participating! Positive mental outlook is a common trait with each of these kids, as well as, the camaraderie that continues to develop and blossom. Transportation to the school, may be a minor issue, but with a little effort and determination, any child that is considering this program, inevitably will be delighted, once they commit!"

"The SOAR program has surpassed our expectations. My student athletes are taught techniques to improve form, challenged to excel and motivated to work hard. The school facilities and SOAR gym offer up fantastic training opportunities for student athletes looking to be their own best. The SOAR program has offered up a challenge which my children accept eagerly while working towards their long term athletic goals."